The Kellan Lutz Immortals Workout

What is his best weight loss program and best diet plan?

Kellan Lutz Immortals Workout

Kellan Lutz's Immortals Workout beard fruits. Actually he isn't a gym and fitness freak at all, he admits. But for his role as the greek godhood Poseidon in Immortals a movie by Tarsem Singh, he punished himself with a rigorous fitness and workout routine.Kellan Lutz Immortals WorkoutA high protein diet is the key, he says. Also working out almost every day - preferably outside sportive activities - and challenging the body with all different kinds of exercises. That's his best weight loss program! And as you can see, it worked out just great.

The results are tremendous. He gained 25 lbs in total which comes up to about 15 pounds of pure muscle mass. Weighing in at 225 lbs on the movie set and a height of 6'1 you can surely say the 'Kellan Lutz Immortals Workout' made him huge and bulky. Now, several month after the filming he shed 30 pounds weighing only 195 lbs but is all the more ripped and lean.

He is on the cover of the recent issue of Men's Fitness Magazine (Nov. 2011) and talks about the price he had to pay to get this steely body. He shares fitness tips he used for the "Kellan Lutz Workout" to become fit and lean and lost almost all of his body fat. In addition check out my article about how to get hot abs if you'd like. No must though

'The Kellan Lutz Workout' with a high protein diet to lose weight

So what is the key now to look like Kellan? Which best weight loss program and best diet plan do you have to follow to get lean and ripped? Well, Kellan Lutz's Immortals Workout existed out of a whole lot of different workout routines and exercise adventures. Sometimes he just made up his workout as he went along. Kellan Lutz Immortals Workout

Be spontaneous and surprise your body. It has to be even a surprise for yourself. Variation is the key here. "I don't really like the gym. I like to fool my body, … I run around the beach and then there's scaffolding so I can just do different pull-ups there.", Lutz says. He even exercises on his many flights around the globe. This is what honors and makes out the Kellan Lutz Workout.

Also, as if this wasn't already enough, he ate 16 eggs every morning and kept on a high protein diet to lose weight and gain lean muscle mass. As you can see and as I told you many times before already here on Weight Loss Tips Deluxe it's all about working out and keeping on a best diet plan.

Kellan Lutz's Immortals Workout with a best weight loss program

The key to weight loss success and getting in the shape you want lies in exercising and a special dieting regime. So all you need is a best weight loss program and a best diet plan. 'The Kellan Lutz Immortals Workout' is just an example of how to act in order to get well-toned and thewed.

It's not necessary to eat 16 eggs per day, especially not with all the egg yolk, but a high protein diet definitely helps to get in a 'Kellan Lutz Immortals Workout Shape'. Read on now to discover more about high protein foods and what else we can learn form Kellan's tips and how we assemble his advice?

Kellan Lutz Workout

The 'Golden Rules' for Fat Loss Success and Getting Ripped

1. Be active almost every day! Of course, we all are no actors and don't have time 8 hours a day for several month, like they have prior a filming. So for us it's important to do something every day, even if it's just for 15 minutes. The gold standard would be to workout and be active for about an hour every day. Kellan Lutz Immortals Workout

Very good is to do something 45 minutes a day, 5 days of the week! Being active at all is the key here. Like Kellan says, he even exercises on his flights around the globe or during the commercials break while watching TV. Use every chance you got to exercise!

2. Second thing, variation. As I said before, do as many different kinds of sportive activities as you can. Have maybe one core / favorite sport or workout and combine it with several other activities. For ex., go to the gym three times a week and besides go jogging or biking outside, play tennis or squash, join a boxing club or a rowing league. And on the weekends go dancing!Kellan Lutz Immortals Workout

3. You need to lift weights! The thing is, if actors like Kellan Lutz or Vin Diesel say that they don't like to go to the gym, it doesn't mean that they do not lift weights. Because, of course they do! They have to. They have their own workout studio at home. Don't be fooled by such statements of celebrities.Kellan Lutz Immortals Workout

Kellan Lutz Immortals Workout Dumbbells

You can not build muscle mass - not with any best weight loss program - without a proper isotonic weight intense training! And you need muscle mass to look muscular and buff. Just with running at the beach and doing some push ups or scaffolding you will not build muscles. It's good for your overall condition and to burn energy and fat but that's about it.

The Book of Muscle : The World's Most Authoritative Guide to Building Your Body by Ian King

Find really good and basic down to earth facts and information about building muscle in this great book by Ian King. Ian King has spent 2 decades as strength coach to world-champion and Olympic athletes. He is in wide demand as a lecturer on athletic preparation and physique development, and he is a popular contributor to Men's Health magazine and, the most popular bodybuilding Web site on the planet.

This is the guide to get lean information about how to grow and shape your muscles for both beginners and advanced stagers. This is the genial completion for you to build your muscles and stay in a great shape year-round. Kellan Lutz Immortals Workout

And here are some weights for you, in case you like to work out at home as well and don't have the time every day to go to the gym and lift those suckers. It's a good thing in any case to have some weights and exercise equipment at home, 'cause this way it's easier to just get up and do something, even if it's just for 10 minutes.

A good tip here is to put your dumbbells and exercise equipment out on the floor in the morning, easy to detect, so that you can't miss it in the afternoon once you get home from work!

4. Drink a lot of water. I talked about that already on The water will give you the necessary kick you need to work out hard and sustain your best weight loss program and exercise routine for some time. Also it will help you to lose some more pounds of fat and to flood out waste products. Kellan Lutz Immortals Workout

To read more about Drinking water to lose weight and feel good click here.

5. Keep on a high protein diet! Yep, that's another key factor for a fat free body success. Kellan said he ate 16 eggs per day or even in the morning. For me as a medical and nutrition expert this is actually not very healthy. I guess he didn't tell that he ate only the egg whites for the good source of protein. That is what I do for my special fat free weight loss diets too. Kellan Lutz Immortals Workout

Other great high protein foods which are also excellent for a 'getting a lean and fat free body best diet plan' are cheese, meat, chicken, fish, other seafood, legumes (for ex. chickpeas) and more.

Here's a complete list of high protein foods > The Protein Rich Food List

Kellan Lutz Immortals Workout Protein

6. Eat several smaller meals per day! To burn fat efficiently you need a constant energy delivery which you will only have by eating regularly every few hours. Sounds paradox but that's the way it is. During his Immortals Workout Kellan Lutz ate something every 2 to 3 hours. The key is to eat the right things though. This is the way to a fat free and ripped body - with the best diet plan.

That is how fitness freaks, professional athletes and celebrities do it if they have a knowledgeable personal trainer or medical advisor. Three to four smaller meals - 250 to 350 calories and protein rich - over the day plus a nutritious breakfast and a high protein-low carb veggie dinner is the key here to weight loss success and to maintain the ripped body you have achieved.

7. Have only complex carbs! The advantage of complex or long-/ branch-chained carbohydrates, as they are also called, is that they do not raise your blood sugar and insulin level that much. You can also say, they have a low glycemic index. Essential for permanent fat burning is a low insulin level.

Kellan Lutz Immortals Workout Carbs

Your insulin level is low if you eat foods with a low glycemic index, such as protein rich foods and complex carbs and also while sleeping. All sweets and short chained carb foods increase your insulin level badly.

High insulin level > Low fat burning efficiency!

A page with a list of complex carbs as well as a low glycemic index foods page are coming soon!

8. Your last meal should be proteins For the same reason why Kellan Lutz says that he never skips breakfast you should eat protein rich for supper or before bedtime. It is to boost your metabolism and steer it in the right direction. This way you make sure your body has all the protein he needs during his 8 hour regeneration to build your muscles, more importantly to not degrade your precious muscle mass and third to make sure he can burn fat for you!

Decorate it with low carb vegetables and spice it up with all kinds of different herbs. There you go, you have a full-fledged fat-burn-supporting evening meal!

For more precise information about why your body burns fat more efficiently if you feed him protein foods the later the day and why he doesn't burn fat as much when your insulin level is high go to this page! > (coming soon)

Kellan Lutz Immortals Workout CarbsKellan Lutz Immortals Workout

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Kellan Lutz Immortals Workout

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