How to get rid of water weight?

- And what in the world is glycogen? -

get rid of water weight

If you want to get rid of water weight or better of your water weight then you are absolutely right on this page. Just sweating in the sun isn't the answer though ;-)

I will tell you everything about that and even A LOT MORE on losing weight in general right here on Although, I will focus on losing water weight especially in consideration with weight loss here on this page, I will also talk with you about how to shed water weight basically.

On healthy weight loss tips - the related sister page - you will find a lot more healthy information about that theme.

I decided to divide the topic of this page "Get rid of water weight" into three parts, so that you get the most out of it and find all the information you need.

So what we will do on this page is talk about how the whole process of losing water weight during a weight loss period is actually working, physiologically and especially concerning glycogen.

If you want to know how to practically lose YOUR glycogen linked water and to keep it off during your weight loss stage and after - so the practical techniques of how to get rid of water weight if you want so - then click this link where I will only focus on that.

And if you need information about "Other actions to get rid of water weight concerning weight loss and how to keep it off" then click that. I´ll cover this topic right there. (coming soon)

Okay now, let´s begin with "How does your body lose it´s water?"
get rid of water weight

Basic knowledge in slight scientific matters

Don´t be afraid, I will try not to bother you with to much science stuff, but a little is necessary and I think even reasonable in order to understand everything just right.

Once you've started your weight loss process and you also began a new diet - which is one of the major steps to do, if you want to do it right and be successful with your weight loss journey, especially long term - your body immediately starts to get rid of water weight, of his water weight.

It is actually a natural and automated process of your body and the first thing that happens during a weight loss process with a new and adequate diet and workout schedule and it works exactly like that:

So how does it work now?

You have water in almost all of your body cells, also in between your cells (aka "intercellular space") and of course, in your blood vessel system. The cells carrying relatively the most water inside are the muscle and liver cells of your body.

This is, because these cells contain a substance which is called "Glycogen" (opens new window). This glycogen is in charge of providing your body with easy energy when he is really in need of it. So normally these natural glycogen reservoirs of your body are always full, especially if you generally eat a lot of carbohydrates.


Glycogen has a very high water binding ability. This has something to do with the electronegativity of some molecules linked to glycogen. Anyway, while starting your new lifestyle with a new diet and hopefully a workout schedule, your body experiences something new and learns to use his energy reserve to a great extent.

Since it is our corporate goal for you to lose weight - which is the major concern of and what I explain in detail on How to lose weight - and with the best weight loss plan for you, this is what happens.

With your glycogen goes your water

While your body takes advantage of his favorite natural energy reserve, because you feed him with less carbs and more proteins and because you started to work out, he now starts to lose some of his glycogen linked water. The glycogen takes the water it links to along out of the cells. This is how you get rid of water weight! Moving on now ...

... The more glycogen you lose, the more water goes. Of course, depending on your exact weight loss plan, especially in the beginning, you lose this water faster or slower. But usually during the first week everybody loses already some or all of this "glycogen linked water" and the glycogen itself of course.

To give you a little bit of a better idea: To not make it to complicated for now and not being to scientific here, let´s say your glycogen reserve of your body is about 500 gram (~17.5 ounces).

Actually it depends on a lot of factors individually, but you can say that a human being (with about 75 kg/165 pds. of body weight and not being a competitive athlete) has somewhere between 400 to 600 gram of natural glycogen reserve in muscle and liver cells.

1 gram of glycogen binds 2.7 ml of water

Get Rid Of Water Weight

One gram of glycogen binds ~ 2.7 gram/ml of water. So, all together your body holds about 1.35 kilogram (~47 ounces) of glycogen linked water. Plus the glycogen itself, you could say it´s close to 2 kilos (~ half a gallon) of weight your body carries of glycogen and it´s linked water. You can lose all of that during your first week of weight loss easily, no problem.

While in it - I mean totally into your weight loss plan for a while already - your glycogen reservoirs are almost always empty or at least at a lower lever. It is very important though to keep this low level, because without that, you will not burn fat efficiently and also very slow, too.

This is because the glycogen consumption, also called "Glycogenolysis" (opens new window) and the fat combustion, also called "Lipolysis" (opens new window) of your body go more or less hand in hand.

That means, before your body really starts to burn fat, he wants to get rid of all its glycogen first! It´s just a naturally installed mechanism. This is how your body works. I´m sorry! But actually it´s not a bad thing at all!

Your glycogen reserve has to be empty

So, a major goal of your weight loss plan should be to keep your glycogen pool always on a lower level or empty! And I will tell you how to do that. First of all you need to have a healthy eating plan in general and then find the right diet from all the healthy diet plans for the time of your weight loss period.

You need to keep on a "low carb-high protein-low fat-diet". Find out more about it here > quickest way to burn fat. That means increase your protein intake and decrease your carb and fat intake. You should eat most of your carbs in the morning and until the early afternoon.

Also around your workout is absolutely fine. Of course, you can have carbs in the evening if you like, but diversify. Meaning, one evening you have complex carbs (opens new window) and the other day you don't.

Get Rid Of Water Weight

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Of course, there are some other mechanisms for your body to lose water besides the "Glycogen-Mechanism" we just talked about.

More mechanisms to get rid of water weight

One is actually that you get rid of water by drinking water. What? Yes, you heard right! By drinking water you lose weight or better your body loses weight. Sounds paradox, but by drinking pure water like you´re supposed to - I talked about that on Quick weight loss tips - your body gets rid of some ions, which the water follows naturally.

Find some additional help on this site: HealthGoesUp (opens new window)

This again has something to do with "ionic charges" and also with "hypo- and hypertonic fluids". Water is usually hypotonic. I told you, it´s going to be scientific here and I hope you don´t feel to bad about it yet and stay with me. Do you? Good!

Drink water to get rid of it

Get Rid Of Water Weight

Another one is, that you get rid of water weight by decreasing your salt intake. This means, no salt in general and no salty foods. A lot of foods and aliments you eat are salted. Stay away especially from all those prepared frozen foods and meals! A healthy diet is the key.

Here on we will also talk about the eat right diet and preparing your own food and meals. This is very important in consideration with your own weight loss career. It´s gonna be fun, you´ll see! Howsoever, yes, your body egests water, if you detract the salt. It´s a very complicated biochemical process that happens in your body and I really don´t want to go in to deep here on that topic.

Decrease your salt intake

The important fact that you should know here is, that reducing your salt consumption bit by bit is not only good for a lot of health aspects, it also helps you to get rid of body water.

And of course, you lose water by sweating! No, seriously, by doing sportive activities, working out and exercising your body not just obviously loses water, he also gets in a special "get rid of water weight" mode and kind of turns on a switch to eliminate more water. This will help you losing water weight. You'll see.

This is a physiological procedure that also has to do with excreting degradation and waste products from several transactions that happen in your body. This all is very normal.

Sportive activities let you lose water

Okay, I guess we´re through here so far and we can move on now with the actually a lot more anticipated and action loaded practice of How to get rid of water weight, right? Now it's how to get rid of water weight practically and what you can do to keep it off.

If you found this article helpful, please share it. It means a lot. Thank you!

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- summarized -

1. Eat right

A "low carb-high protein-program" is the key here. Of course, your fat intake has to be decreased too. Try to keep your carb intake under 50% of your whole alimental intake. At the same time increase your protein intake up to around 30-35% and decrease your fat intake to 10-15%. To get rid of YOUR water weight YOU need to cut your carbs. Carbohydrates pull your water to the cells. Therefor YOU have to keep on a certain nutrition behavior for a while. In the long run YOU need a healthy eating habit anyway to keep the water off of your body for good

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2. Get rid of YOUR glycogen

What is that? Glycogen is a substance, a molecule that represents carbohydrates in their most complex form known in human bodies mainly located in your liver and muscle cells. This glycogen keeps you from losing fat efficiently. YOUR goal should be to keep your glycogen reserve always on a low level in order to lose water weight and fat. At least for some time, the time of your instant fat loss period. A high protein diet completed with complex carbs is the key here.

3. Work out and exercise

Put YOUR body in a "shed water weight" mode. You do that by working out. As obvious as it is, but sweating will not only let you lose water it will also let you lose salt and waste products.

4. Drink water

By drinking a lot of water you also flush out a lot of water out of YOUR system. Sounds paradox, but that's how it works. The mass of water you drink will make your body more hypotonic and so dilute your blood and extracellular space. This will help you eliminate water. The best formula here is to drink 1 liter (~1/4 gallon) per 25 kg (55 pounds) of body weight!

5. Decrease YOUR salt intake

Okay, yep, do that and YOUR water will go just like this. The secret here is to avoid all convenienced and instant foods and meals. Prepare almost all your foods and meals yourself. Eat fresh and healthy. YOUR daily salt should only come from your own saltshaker!