Eat eggs to lose weight!

- Eggs are good for weight loss -

Eat Eggs To Lose Weight

Why should you eat eggs to lose weight? This is pretty simple. First of all eggs contain a lot of protein. A regular hen's egg weighs about 70 gram (~ 2.5 oz) and has around 8 grams of protein.

Eggs help to lose weight because of this protein. Especially if you have to lose a lot of weight you need to change your diet drastically, which means you need to eat first of all a lot of protein. Eggs are one great and important deliverer of your protein need.

For example, if you eat 10 eggs per day - which, believe me, isn't hard at all, if you know all different kinds of preparations - you give your body already 70 grams of precious protein. And by the way, you don't need to eat the egg yolk, at least not from all the 10 eggs! That is an important fact here.

Eat eggs to lose weight

So that's the trick. Many celebrities who talk about special diets to lose weight say that they eat a lot of eggs for the good protein source. One good example is Kellan Lutz from the recent movie Immortals. He talks about his diet and workout program right here at The Kellan Lutz Immortals Workout And Diet. Check it out for further information if you'd like. It's a page on so you don't need to leave the site.

Anyway, where were we, oh yeah … they never tell you that they don't eat the yellow of the eggs. They only eat the egg whites. That is the whole secret of egg diets or diets which have a lot of egg consumption in 'em. The good thing is that you can eat as many egg whits as you want. This gives you the protein your body so necessarily needs but don't have any FAT!

Only the egg yolk has the fat of an egg! About 8 gram total in one egg. If you would eat all the 10 egg yolks too, this would in deed be not good, not for your health and not for your diet. So, use eggs as an important and essential protein source during and after you weight loss period.

Eggs for weight loss

But remember to only eat the whites! If you eat maybe 2 egg yolks a day that is absolutely fine and no danger, in now way, not for your cholesterol neither for your body fat. All the more not if you are active and work out. So, believe me if I tell you that eggs are good for weight loss!

Great egg recipes and what all you can do with 'em is coming soon here on eat eggs to lose weight. So stay tuned at and come back to check for them.

Another reason to eat eggs during a weight loss and fat reduction diet besides the fact that it's a good protein source is that they contain a lot of essential vitamins and minerals. Some of these are even important for the biochemical fat degradation processes.

Calcium, phosphor, iron, sodium, zink, potassium, selenium, almost every vitamin especially the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K are just some of the vital micronutrients to name which are in an egg. So one more good reason to eat eggs to lose weight.

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