A 3 Day Tuna Diet To Lose Weight

- Is it really a way to lose weight seriously -

3 day tuna diet

A 3 day tuna diet might be an option if you need to lose weight really quick. Sometimes there are special occasions wherefore you simply need to lose weight quick, maybe three or four pounds in three days. This would be the only reason to make use of this kind of diet. Let me tell you now about the pros and cons concerning so called "One-Food-Diets" and if it is okay to only eat fish to lose weight for a few days.

I never tried a strict tuna diet for weight loss myself or as a quick way to burn fat and I actually don't support any 'one food only diets' at all. But like I said on another page already, sometimes they are the only chance to lose a few pounds really quick, especially if you stay way under your usual daily calorie intake and your bodies physiological daily calorie need.

The thing with one food 'only' diets or a simple fish diet to lose weight is that your body doesn't get all the essential nutrients he needs every day, because there is no single food and also no fish which contains all the essential nutrients your body actually needs.

A 3 day tuna diet to lose weight

But the good thing about fish and especially tuna is that it's on one hand quite a healthy food: rich in protein, low in fat and zero carbs. Tuna has some important unsaturated fatty acids (like omega 3), vitamins (A, C, D, some B's and a few more), micronutrients (fluoride, phosphor, sulfur, manganese) and minerals (potassium, calcium, magnesia, iron, copper and sink). Further down the page I talk about the 'other hand'.

However, a longer eating experiment with a tuna diet to lose weight or any other "One-Food-Diet" as a quick way to burn fat is not to recommend.

Also you should supplement a vitamin pill each day while doing this, like for ex. the # 1 doctor recommended Centrum Multivitamin Tablets and drink A LOT of water (2 liters and more). You need to know though that your body will reclaim all the missing nutrients and calories you didn't feed him during the 3 day tuna diet. He simply demands his missing energy and vital substances.

Especially if you are currently on a usual healthy diet plan it will be tough for you to make it through those three days, believe me! It's already a challenge to do the switch from a normal all mans diet to a healthy diet plan. The 3 day tuna diet to lose weight is not easy to follow!

After the tuna diet to lose weight your body will reclaim it's missing nutrients!

This kind of fish diet to lose weight or other special and 'one food diets' are quite common amongst professional athletes before competitions and tournaments to get into a certain shape or if they need a quick way to burn fat. But they are used to extreme diets and their bodies can handle them more easily. They're trained for it.

This will not be the same with you! Your body is not used to this kind of extreme diet nor to a 'eat fish to lose weight diet'. Anyway, I will give you some other tips now you should consider to keep on while executing your 3 day tuna diet. So besides drinking plenty of water and supplementing vitamin/mineral pills for those three days I also advice you to eat loads of vegetables.

3 Day Tuna Diet

It's smart to do so because they are healthy and will give you the necessary nutrients your body so badly needs. Also they won't have a negative effect on your 3 day tuna diet because most veggies are carb and fat free. They have a lot of water, fiber, vitamins, minerals and essential enzymes which support your natural fat burning therapy and help you to stay well. They don't increase your insulin level nor interact with your fat burning metabolism.

Eat vegetables during your 3 day tuna diet to lose weight

3 Day Tuna Diet Salad

Very good vegetables as complements for a 3 day tuna diet or any other 'fish to lose weight diet' are: tomatoes, asparagus, cucumber, red pepper, zucchini, broccoli, mushrooms (not quite vegetables, I know, but even more great supplements for a tuna diet to lose weight), carrots of course and more. Try the steamed versions as well. Check out this great list (opens new window) for low carb veggies.

Here are my last words and tips regarding the 3 day tuna diet to lose weight: Try to look for low fat tuna and not the fatty kind. Mostly you find the low fat tuna in cans. Also look for sustainable catched fish (sea- and environmental protection) not the aqua cultured hormone and antibiotics pumped fish. The fresher the better for your health! Since you will ingest a lot of tuna for a few days you should at least play it save in that direction. The amount of mercury will be lower as well.

Important note (the 'other hand'): Tuna has also a lot of mercury which is potentially dangerous for your health and well-being and can cause illness and some diseases. Especially pregnant women and kids should stay away from eating larger amounts of tuna! > Great article about mercury in fish and tuna (opens new window). Please decide now on your own if you still want to do a 3 day tuna diet. I can not make this decision for you this time. Check the web for more info on tuna and mercury to help you make your decision.

Otherwise you will find a lot more information on weight-loss-tips-deluxe.com about a quick way to burn fat and about losing weight (fast). I'm working on great pages at the movement which will be up soon and will help you to get where you want. There are plenty of other 3 day diets and ways to lose weight really quick. You will find all this right here. So stay tuned or be pruned.

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